Saturday, January 9, 2010

Blog S.W.I.T.C.H.E.D

Halo~missing me don't you???

Just a short update telling you guys this blog is no longer ACTIVE.
I'm abandoning it N.O.W, I've found my new love.
With mystery glam purple and...
opps...telling too much.

See with your eyes.
and kindly RE-LINK me =)

By the way, my new post is already waiting you there. xoxo~

Friday, January 8, 2010

Say Bravo to Tiffany Tan

Muahahahah~i couldnt believe that...

Im making my NEW BLOG with all those difficult HTML by myself
Finally, after 7hours...its perfectly done.
  • find template
  • download and upload blog
  • copy all the widget
  • edit and keeeeeeeep EDIT settings.
  • Keeeeeeep refresh and refresh and see wth is wrong
  • Ta-daaaaaaaaaaa IM SO FINALLY DONE

I mean...for a first learner like me...all in one day. Xoxo
Im so mad proud for myself but was only some lousy simple work.
Many template couldnt really use and fit what i and test is the hardest part.
Now my eye, is so mad small!!! Those freaking HTML drive me nuts. So effing small...knock me!

Last but not least...great big hug to Janice...
she's helping me eventhough she's working, mad touch.

Say Bravo follow up TEE-HEE-HEE

Whoohooo~my blog is S.W.I.T.C.H.I.N.G

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I Had A Dream...

" I wanted to be a superman or batman when i grow up daddy." a child who cant even spell correctly telling his dad with full of face expression.

"Cita-cita saya ialah menjadi seorang pemandu
kereta yang terkenal..." from a form 1 student which writing essay in the tuition class.

"I hope i will be a doctor when i grow up because i like to help people..." from a 22years old guy who working in bank now telling me he is way too far because he is lazy to study.

"我的志愿是当个救火员。。。" from a guy who found that his dream will never come true after he knew bout the world as he grew bigger, and he is scare of death.

How many of you were regretting for doing so and not doing so?
How many of you were actually walking away from your dream?
How many of you were doing what you written on your essay when you first enter primary school?

As we grew up, thing started to go backwards as what we thought at the very first. Things started to change, and we started to change as human are born to be selfish. Don't deny with what I'm saying. Its a fact, its just the matter that what level that the people around you can accept, how ridiculous you are when you are over selfish.


Why are we way too far from our dream?

Well, it might be we are too lazy...or it can be we found out that it is unrealistic to work for it. Perhaps, environment who change us. Some who dream to be a doctor, and as fact it do need a lot of capital before you really end up being a professional but can your family really support you even though you had 50% scholarship? It could be a NO at last.

Every first was all the greatest thing we had in our life. From first born, first love, first call, first...

We blame for the first broke up but we do thanks him for letting us know what is love.
We took the first bus in our first life and its amazing that you can do it, but once its a habit, you blame why must you took public transport all the time and you are getting sick of it.
Mummy and daddy were looking forward to your tiny lips pop out "dada" "mama" and it happens, they were joy. The end like now when you are growing up, it never gonna be a joy, but its a burden...maybe...

Everything become annoying when we are getting used and used to be.
People growing realistic day by day, its not a FAULT but its a be suit in this world.
跟风看利 (the strongest the "wind"=power there she/he will follow),i believe majority tried it.
双面人 (double sided face),i believe most you heard it and saw it.
Thinking are you the one when you read this? Don't think, its already you when you started to think.

Little baby saying wanna be a superman when he's big, 7 years later he will know that it is mission impossible.
Little kiddo writing he wanna be a driver as he grew up but do you think so when he really did? I guess he will laugh at his essay after 4 years later.
22 years old guy thinking his past about why cant he be a doctor now, he know he's too lazy for that.
Firefighter guy say to himself he wanna be a hero while he was young, now...if he's not death, hero or not it doesn't matter anymore.

I had a dream, when i was young around 6...i drew a lot on the sketching paper. Separating them into 6-8 column and I'll design the clothes and fits them in, just like what you saw while you are doing window shopping. Every time, there got no human model wearing those clothes but every design it came in a set of bag and heels or hat to match with it. Now panther skin is hitto right? That moment, i really did design one, some more with furry hat.

Started to watch TV, designer TV SHOWS then i started to curious do i need to draw a human out to wear the clothes. I asked my mum, "mii, do i need to draw human out?" my mum said "of course if not how it call presentation and how people know how it shows without a model?"

Since that day i get the answer, i never draw or sketch anymore. It happens naturally because i know that i can't draw human nicely as i saw on the TV SHOWS. My human look always end up with weird eyes, unbalance body figure, weird finger matching the hand...Hoo-Hah!

Sometime, I'm thinking...if i stay still with my dream.

Sometime, I'm thinking...if only i can still be like the time when i was a kid.

Kid is naive and stubborn, but they had a strong heart to stick with their very own dream.

Mummy ask them stop playing BLOCKS and eat dinner first, but his block building kept falling. He get stubborn, he spend his dinner feeding by mummy and kept building his own territory. There he success.

Mummy tell baby girl those beggar were uneducated that's why need to seek money by acting poor. She's thinking, when she grow up, she wanna be the teacher and provide education to all of them so that they don't need to be a beggar anymore. But does she know that, those beggar come in a gang of corporate and they are richer than her if she's working only as a teacher? And some of them work willingly as a beggar. She never know when she thought the world is so pure and that time she's naive, with a heart that full of colour except black.

Sometime, I'm thinking, if I'm...
Sometime, I'm thinking...what do you think?

You miss you, don't you?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What's New?

Everyone is going to school again this week be side's those who just end their SPM, I'm also one of them who did not. Class will going to start next week.

There's the beginning of the new semester again.

Asking what I've learn at the past? Hmnnn~i forgot honestly. I can have very good memory when i need it and I'm willing to, but once I'm done, say BYE-BYE.

In 2 years time, I'm going to US to further my studies. It seems long for you and me, but when it came you have nothing to stop it coming that fast. I'm wondering...can i survive there? I mean INDEPENDENTLY. I'm always depending and not used to mix around. I'm gonna die there i guess. Hoo-Hah.

This 2 years really restrict loads of thing as now i can see. Me and a friend who chat in earlier, asking why am i not working and joining any competition nowadays and there seem a lot coming up. I said I'm lazy to work and i don't lag money now to survive, for competition thingies i join in earlier is just because to drag my paid higher for shooting and then i did, so there's no point to waste my time anymore right? "Why not you increase your fame by now?" I get shut...i have no idea with this and i do think in this way before, but the problem is really happen as the way i wanted, can i really let go and just fly to US study CONCENTRATE? No, i don't. I know myself clearly, i will drag all the thing even if I'm drowning but i don't let go easily. How stupid and i know. So my dad will really get piss by that time.

When i did put effort on it, it means everything to me. And i get warned, not to work again by dad. Ta daa~he found out i work and he don't really like it when he thinks that i don't need to, but hey~it is my hobbies...he just couldn't understand me.

Forget about that work stuff, i still got plenty more to had fun while I'm here right?

Maybe i could write? Job can be in other way too right? As earlier i mention bout the food review thingie for some advert catalog company, its waiting for approval licence now, hope i will heard great news from the company soon once they got their licence.

For now, there is another job up coming soon. But this one is completely still brain storming. I get offer to join them but everything is still on more-to-discuss status. Its about model, event and some still developing. We try to make it big but everything should step by step. If this really works, i can still remain my hobbies even if I'm not working in this. Sounds great. Just hoping everything works! *smile with hope*

IF IF IF it works...i will share with you guys once is DONE. Pray hard for me ya~

New Year NEW HOPE, is that what everyone hoping for New Year to come? I bet so...

I'm so lazy lately, lazy to get out, lazy to be awake, lazy to wash my face, lazy to brush my teeth, lazy to comb my hair, lazy to eat and drink, wearing the same pyjamas and stay in front the comp chatting until night bath and sleep.
Any pills that can make me work hard? Suggest ;D

Monday, January 4, 2010

Make Fun On Your Face XD

Invited to give a make up tutorial class for Chong Hwa Dance Society. Get the time wrongly but I'm not late, just too EARLY. Hoho~I'm not the one who always Must-Be-Late lar...even i used to.
There the day begin =)

To introduce about the usage and also let the newbie to know what's the different and usage for certain ingredients that contain. Well, nowadays make up stuff contains a lot of chemical oil but somehow it does not suit to apply to everyone face.

I had a real bad experience that i faced myself before. There's a period i was pack with job, FULL-To-The-MAX. Skin can't even breath for minimum 12hours and make up is a must according to client requirement and STATED MUST-BE-THICK. Hoho~THICK is in the form of not one less. Thick eye shadow, thick blusher, thick liner, thick mascara, thick fake lashes. So that time i thought my pore must be stuck by the product and suck inside. So pandai me use Johnson's Baby Oil to remove my make up since that day i have the so called "AWARENESS". Yea, there's nothing wrong right since it do stated there it can remove eye and lips make up.


My skin get worse even since that day, day by day. And i have no idea what happen but i never blame on that Johnson's. Until, i get sponsored from Dermalogica for Free Facial and product due to winning as Miss Clean Start of Dermalogica. My therapist ask me few ques and my basic daily lifestyle, she found nothing wrong with my eating habit but sleeping late. But still asking me to remove make up proper and double cleanse it. I DID! I told her i use gel make up remover following by oil...and i suddenly pop out Johnson's, she get stunned! She said Johnson's contain a lot of chemical oil that can't apply to skin especially your face. It is hard to remove than make up if you ever place it at your skin. Damn~i thought that thing is super natural, hell not.

A little example to be done and guide, after all its ALL BY THEIR OWN.

Please don't be surprise if you saw there's a guy here, he was...i mean THEY are also DANCER and need skills to make up for themselves too.

When applying foundation, to avoid not to overdone, this is the best way for spreading it to 9 dots. Buy hey~when girl are in a mess and rush, who cares? It was a tutorial, so everything gotta be IN-ORGANIZED.

Walking and spot checking...

Newbies...they are so hard working to learn. It reminds me when i first leaning how to make up 6 years ago by asking my mum,

"How to apply eyeliner?"
"Where you draw it on?"
"Don't it hurts when you draw on your inner eyelid?"

Hahah~now my mum ask me back how to shape the face smaller and use liquid eyeliner.

When i first started make up, it was very simple and i don't even need a make up bag like now, some more its full and probably i gotta have two make up bag. All i need at that time were only ONE EYELINER. Guess you were same like me too huh?

Then, i add in item every few months, from only eyeliner, i found that if i curl my lash and apply mascara it will be better-nicer-prettier for the eye. Then, foundation...again blusher...again concealer...

Later on, there the Jap girl get HEAT! They teach us in magazine how to let our face feature bright up and shrink the fat face. So, i added Brightening Compact and Shadow Compact.

For eyeshadow, well...i don't really use it all the time. The reason i add in to my make up bag is because...working requirement. Funny right? Btw, don't use eyeshadow that often, it does cause'll see it in no longer.

Before and After

Step and Process

Wet and waiting to be Dry

Not Used but To be USED To.

Make Fun On Face

Additional eye if you really NEED ONE.

Perhaps, some eyelashes will be nicer XD

Had a great time spending with them, at least...they are still under control. Luckily, or else with my hot tempered I'm surely get busted by that time and just Fuck Off. I'm away from professional too far. Perhaps, I'm already are. Xoxo~

Love, from all the silly's
Love, to all the silly's

Well, souvenir and paid from them. Honestly, i thought it was a letter from all of you but when i rush home i only found that it was...what I'm not expecting. Anyway, thanks and love always.

Missing much

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Maybe It's True, That I Can't Live Without You

Happy Happy New Year Human! What's your wishes and aim for the whole new 2010? I'm still thinking...I might end up getting nothing because I'm the person who plan when the flow came but some i do plan...what am i saying, oh god, well, it depends.

Heading to One Utama now for dinner. Today was a special day for us, it was our 100 days celebration and also our first New Year Eve celebration dinner.

We are in S.W.E.E.T-P.I.N.K

We reserve Garden Restaurant earlier, besides we do demand for a corner seat who near by the decor. Heard that it was kinda like Full House Restaurant. They had the same concept but they are not under the same business group.

Along the was kinda like real garden right? Ignore the cement floor.

Pottie-pottie flowers

A sweet young lady was there to tune up the atmosphere for all of us.

Finally we've been bought to our seat. Just what we wanted for.


Normally if i dine in those place like this with real growing plants, i will be afraid, there might be some living creature crawling upon you or "TRUP"~ there it drop at your food. Congrats! But please need to worry when you dine here, its all fake!

The side view of our seat

Side main view who facing outside seating as well as the dessert bar

While waiting to be serve =)

Garden Menu

--Why do bird, suddenly appear?--

No idea with that??? Its a beer commercial song, start brain squeezing~

FYI, the bird on the pot was a sign of RESERVE

Everything is just so beautiful and sweet

When i was flipping over the menu, he asked me to be careful not to be harsh and place it on the table, i was thinking what's wrong with him at that moment. Then after the few pages i flip through...

I FOUND A RING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lying deadly on top of the page. I thought someone drop a diamond ring so i was thinking...I'm so lucky for the last day of 2009. Hurray!

But seems I'm the one who think too much. The ring wasn't belong to he, she, they, it!

He pick up the ring from the menu and said ...

"Your finger so plain, should wear something on it. It's yours now."

So i was like "Later the owner came back search for it and saw i was wearing how?"

" I tell her i buy for you geh."

What what what...I'm so nervous and wanted to remove and he said "I buy geh lar."

My head pop out so many questions mark...he said he's the one who put inside the menu. I still don't believe and then he show me that box i only...LOL. Asshole~

Now only i realise few weeks ago why is he kept looking at my finger and asking silly questions. It was all planned! He got no idea what size I'm wearing that's why he is measuring using his so called


His snatch my camera and ask me to pose according my happy feeling right now. I'm not!
This picture is a reflections to you. SILLY!!!

This earring is so UN-match with his shirts, perhaps i should buy him a new P.I.N.K earrings. Whee~

His drooling...craving...for HEINEKEN!

There is a huge original fake tree behind me.

You definitely know what this sign mean right?
My sign of foodie...Nom-Nom-Nom~

Smoked Duck Breast with Orange Couscous
in slice serve with orange couscous & orange reduction toppings

We both love this! Perfect match!

Foie Gras with Green Apple
pan fried served with thin slices of green apple & balsamic reduction toppings

Lentil Soup with Feta Cheese Stick

Turkey Slices

Main Course
Oven Baked Lamb Rack Stuffed with Lychee Sauce
served with oven-baked potato cake, saute brussels sprout & baby carrot dressing.

Lamb is not over done, still in medium rare. But too much fats, he like i don't like.

Main Course
Sirloin Steak with Barbecue Sauce
served with potato wedges and salad dressing
Too yummy and Bubu said it can be compare with Chili's but in more affordable price. AGREE!
While eating this, he feed me, i ate as usual...but something wrong. I feel there's fat in it. Oh god~
I show him ugly face and there he knew, he thought i will loved it. Yes, i will..if I'm not dieting. He put his spoon beside my mouth, I'm so shy but still i have to spit it out.

Sweet Chocolate Mousse served with Christmas Pudding Sauce
Very thick thick chocolate, smooth and not to sweet. Just nice for MILO KOSONG KAW fans like me.

Every food is so mad pretty with art like fine dining but...more more more affordable price. You guys should really try it. I can bet that its environment will not left behind some fine dining restaurant.


JOKE LAR, I still remember i saw how XiaXue post on her twitter when she's engaged.

I still remember how i beg him buying me ribbon ring at some stalls. Even its cheap, he never care about it but just dragging me away telling me ring can't present to girls easily. It was once in a life time you said to me with a serious face. I'm shocked, I'm a girl and i dint even care about that real meaning but why...he's the one who care so much? Ain't it was just a decor for my tiny finger? He said no. It was a commitment for a life time.
Surprisingly, he really meant what he said. He never present any ring to any girl since the day he was born but till now...
I never thought a ring could really have that HUGE MEANING. Yes, it is not the first time for me to receive Diamond ring but this time, it's much more special and meaningful to me. Never thought of a guy will treat this as a lifetime promise. Normally, when guy present me, to me for was just a sweet gift for that SPECIFIC MOMENT.
Owh~there is a joke too. After he put on the ring for me, he told me immediately
"Please don't remove it easily and throw back to me like that. I don't like, it hurts."

In fact, since the moment he put on that ring, he look at my finger with smiley face more than looking at my face with eyes, mouth and nose.
Happy 100 days BHD! 3monthsary coming sooooon~

Saturday, January 2, 2010

My Spray War Begin!!!

After the dinner, we switch to The Curve. Compare with One Utama, Curve is much more crowded than it because it was more happening there! Bubu went to toilet and this is the very first time i came out earlier than him. The toilet sucks cause it stinks. This happen all the time especially when this kinda festive seasons.

A memorable day i should record down, not because of 2010 is because I'm early out of the toilet than him in the last day of 2009.

The gang are going for dinner now. HooHoo~too bad we had it earlier so went in Kim Gary just for a drink. Missing the Milk Tea loads.

Even Kim Gary are full and there is still a que to wait for.

Its my love for this "current" period, but still never forget floral. =)
Should wear with nude bra but i was too rush to stick and re-stick, I'm bad and can say that I'm not good using it. Perhaps should ask someone give me some tutorial class. HOHOHO, actually i did had that class before when i was in pageant but hell...i still noob in that. That's why nowadays i don't really work for make up shows or body art event, it is 100% confirm wearing nude bra and i got no idea with that.

I were the one that used to love hiding behind him but now...

Everything came in a surprise, the thing that unexpected help you gain more that you ever realise.

Moon you are way so beautiful that i wont bear to hurt ya. CRAPS! Everyone is trying do know more bout the moon now, its just the time of the matter, when that time arrive its gonna be the second Earth.

Finally after 15min or maybe longer waiting, I'm tasting my Pineapple drink now. Yea yea, i know i tell you i miss Milk Tea but i change...

We both expected too much on that drink that we though it should come in REAL Pineapple juice but it was from the tin.

One of the guy gf.

They are so sweet. Couple who order the same thing from food to drinks. Wow~

Don't get influence by me, they ain't really gay ass la. Its just that day we have 4pairs of couple but they are the only pair who don't have a gf, so they were order to stick with each other tight.

Food and Fun

His Ribena Ice Blended

Suddenly an extra order we made, someone gotta swallow it but it ain't gonna be me.

Around 11.45 here we are, preparing for some real fun.
I'm attracted by the spray, I'm in love and i can't get my eyes off. Last we are adding it in to item to be need for war.


Credits to Christine. The moment just right in time.
Ignore his hair decor, it was my fault I spray on someone and he kena by protecting me. If he was HUGE enough...i can hide by not getting one tipsy bitsie bubble, too bad i kena too. Oh, I'm not blaming but its the way i express how much i appreciate it.

Too bad our head is too big! But this picture I'm sure it will be much more prettier than what they had up there. Hmph~I'm trying to appreciate lah...

Finally they show us some BING-BANG-BOOM

Tell ya, instead of going KLCC, Sungai Wang...i think here is much more better than all of it.

KLCC you got no line, you cant even call and it is over crowded. What if something emergency happen, your gf get lost...what to do? Instead watching the fireworks on the countdown, you were actually counting down when you can search your gf back.

Sungai Wang even though they had Timesquare, Pavilion, Lot10, etc but the parking spaces are still limited. Besides no one tell you Mat Rempit there are much more crazier than what we have in Curve? They snatch and steal your wallet. If you were planning to go clubbing after that...wish you luck with your empty pocket.

MAD HUGE right?

Everyone stop fighting and talking at the moment. Spray war to be continue after this.

Suddenly look so girlish with the pink.

You know when you hug me in this way under the fireworks, i gotta a feeling...that i never realised. So nice, so warmth, so safe, so SWEET!

Happy New Year 2010 Dumb Ass...

He never like me calling him DUMB first

But now, if one day i dint call him DUMB ASS or ASS HOLE he will ask me bout that, i guess he's in love with that name. So just now we were having some chat in the restaurant and there i call him ASS HOLE. There he go asking me questions " Do i really meant to you just like A ASS HOLE ?" some more showing me that size of the asshole. IT LMAO.

HEY!!! MR SUN, now I'm telling you and all of you, i might be rude for addressing you in that way but...its my sweetest name for the beloved one. Stop laughing!

Couple is E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E

Not only us who involve in SPRAY WAR. I'm only one one one one one...of it
You know what I've learn today? Spray war need knowledge too ok! For near you will definitely need the snow, but for far you will need those spray with colours. I'm genius, am i?

If the people don't really mess with you, try to be good using the colour spray, it is much more easier to clean and remove but the spray is too sticky.

Gang picture

Couple of the day...1 pair get lost in nowhere

SeeMeRun a.k.a Yik are born to be a poser. LOL

Finally all were here in a picture. I never met before until today, glad that we were all mad and had great time together.

Halloween on Dec 31st???

Gf dump by the Bf


Insane + Mad
Note: my bf had nothing to do with it.

Samuel abandon his gf and came to us.

His gf and my bf

You will never feel the real world when you trying to revenge all the time, only exhausted at last.

Yes, you guys might be thinking im the biggest insane and brainless chic in the world but im really tired to find out right or wrong. Im not sure that i will not regreted in the future but i dont feel like wasting any of my time to think will i? am i? Instead of like that, its better to give a try using the time to think.

And i know some of my friend are still scolding me after reading this post but still...if one day it happen...hopefully your shoulder is still here for me when his were gone.

For now, let it be . Who knows he might turn to my Mr Right at the age of my 26 ???

You guys judge a lot by a post, but do you know him outside the post? Im just 20 right now and its not too late even if im in some wrong relationship that doens't work out at the end. I still have time if im not dying soon right? I apprieciate your comment dear readers, spammer too. But tell ya, if you spam me using real ID, I s-a-l-u-t-e you. So far, none of you. Pathetic people.

Get back to the topic...

Its crowd, but still its not that crowd...

We were under the fireworks,
Hand to hand, Arms to arms,
Heart to heart, and eye to the sky
I feel your heartbeat using my back, can you feel mine?

If you don't, let me tell ya

It stop for a second when the time you said I LOVE YOU, Happy New Year Bii.

And for that second, you tattoo on my heart...a kiss on the forehead that i'll never forget when i look backwards to you.